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How to Sell Your Brass Bed – Brass Beds of Virginia
How to Sell Your Brass Bed

How to Sell Your Brass Bed

Get it Ready: Polish it and Replace Missing Parts

Our Exclusive Miracle Brass Cleaning Kit Instructions

Remove any old lacquer or coatings (if any) with xylene or lacquer thinner.  You can test for old coatings by trying to clean a small area. If the brass or silver cleans easily with polish, then there is probably no protective coating on the metal

We recommend taking a brass bed apart to apply the coating but some people polish it intact.This is a personal preference.Use our

Miracle Cleaner to remove corroded areas and bad tarnish. You may need a bit of the extra fine steel wool.

Options to Sell Your Bed

  • Email photo to consignment stores in your area
  • List for sale on Craigslist, eBay, Etsy, Worthpoint
  • Sit it outside in your yard on a weekend with a sign
  • Sell it for scrap metal

Convert it To Another Piece

Sofa, bench, daybed, coat rack, etc.