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Beautiful & Cozy Fireside Nights – Brass Beds of Virginia
Beautiful & Cozy Fireside Nights

Beautiful & Cozy Fireside Nights

Prep your home for colder weather and cozy moments by the fire with our decorative bamboo fireplace screen.  A beautiful fireplace not only gives a warm feeling to a room — its style sets the tone for the rest of the space. Whatever the design, their presence invites visitors to draw close and stay a little bit longer. A fireplace screen has the ability to instantaneously change the look and feel of your fireplace, often with minimal effort. Fire screens not only add a decorative element to a space but they can give you and your guests peace of mind while warming up next to a roaring fire. Traditionally, fire screens were made to keep dangerous sparks and flying embers away.  Today, fire screens not only help prevent flying debris but they can transform the feel of an entire room.  Our bamboo screen enhances your spaces decor and adds flair to any fireplace.

At BBV, we have made finding the perfect modern fireplace screen, that won’t cramp your style, a whole lot easier!